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Sabisuu invites people and companies from all over the country and hosts their services and products on our marketplace, giving the opportunity of a digital integration to businesses that have had a hard time connecting with the digitalization of the current market. Whether from the corporate industry or even for services such as tailoring, catering, or even cleaning jobs.

When you want to purchase a service, the steps are simple! Find what you are looking for, and then simply choose the seller you want to work with. You can contact multiple sellers before making the final decision. Once you’re ready, pay for the service and get your work done. We only release payments to the service providers once we know that your work is completed and in a satisfactory fashion, 



Want to be a seller?

Start listing your services and products with Sabisuu

Manage your online store with us and get access to our network of buyers. If you only sell in Singapore, you can take advantage of our country-wide reach and easily find buyers for your services and products. Not only do we feature new sellers on our main page for a week, but we also limit the number of sellers in each industry so as to mitigate the competition between sellers. 

If you want to become a seller, simply register an account with us, get it verified, and then start listing what you want to sell. The moment your account is approved, your listings will go live, and you can start getting inquiries. All payments will first be handled through Sabisuu to protect both buyers and sellers and will be released to you once your job is completed and your client is satisfied.


What Sabisuu assures

Be comfortable with your transactions

Here at Sabisuu, we stand for only two things, to ensure our buyers are connected with professional and quality sellers, and for all transactions to be safe for all parties.

We understand the importance of the buying and selling market in Singapore. While sellers are not unfamiliar with getting delayed payments or no payments on some jobs, buyers are also facing issues with unsatisfactory work. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure that everyone is protected by bringing in professionals to do their work and also getting payment from the buyers upon commencement of a service.